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 Introducing Child of God, Business Owner, Youth Advocate and Motivational Speaker Bridget Norvell, who is now available for limited engagements to speak before your teens, ladies, parents and those seeking a simple and effective word of support.
Known throughout Orlando as one of the founding members of The National Movement Association (TNMA), Ms. Norvell has recently accepting this calling on her life, as confirmed by her Pastor.  "Bridget, you will know when it is your time, for God has already given you the words to say".
Addressing issues such as sexuality, teen abstinence and promiscuity, rape, single parenthood, relationships and more, Ms. Norvell's personal testimony is riveting and will bring your audiences to both tears and praise.

Bringing her radio experience and knowledge of the arts, Ms Norvell has created avenues to promote and excite a community to make positive changes. Bridget is or has been a co host on several different radio broadcasts:  1190AM with the show Back to Reality, 1140AM guest host on The 411, Internet TV show Keep it Reel TV and The Marian Edwards show.  Currently you can tune in M-F from 12-1pm to listen to Ms. Norvell on 1680 WOKB Radio on The (Marina) Marian Edwards Show.  You can also register to  receive weekly updates such as Get The 411 Email Blast (which provides information of  upcoming events in the local area) or the monthly, Thought of the Day devotional (which  provides a word of encouragement to get you through those tough times).  Tirelessly, Bridget Norvell is constantly evolving and adding to the program structure of TNMA with the hope to better meet the needs of this community. She is a wife, mother, minister of dance, motivational speaker, and executive director of TNMA. Available to speak in the church and in the community, Ms. Norvell is a force for today.

Please contact Ms. Norvell's marketing director for booking engagements at You may email Ms. Norvell at BNorvell Enterprise or contact her at 407-494-1141


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